It is awesome to see what the eye doctor sees — Jennifer T.

It is awesome to see what the eye doctor sees. I was amazed at the capability for the doctor to take pictures of the eye and share them with the patient. It’s proof that the corneal abrasion I have is healing!

May 7, 2014

thought i had poison ivy in my eye, they fit me right in on a friday morning. and dr hunter gave me her cell to call over the weekend if i needed her…love that i found her and gee eye clinic.

May 4, 2014

loved the staff — Jennifer T.

The best part about our visit was how incredibly kind EVERYONE was. I was a new patient and they got me in right away, which was great because I had already called several places before. The entire staff made my Husband, Daughter and myself feel so comfortable and taken care of. Thanks again!

Feb 13, 2013