An open letter to our patients…..

Every once in a while, I like to sit down and type out my thoughts.  This one seems a bit overdue but timely nonetheless.  I have always taken pride in providing the best care to my patients, timely, efficient and always being available for whatever is needed.  I started with the Gee Eye Care Mission Statement in 2007 before I even opened the doors to the public.  To this day, my team and I subscribe to these three core principles:

Timely & Efficient Care

Moral & Ethical Decisions

A Memorable Experience for All Who Walk Through the Doors

Every team member that we bring on is presented with these core principles and is asked to revisit them regularly and uphold the standards that have been in place since the beginning of Gee Eye Care in 2007.  With every new team member the bar is raised because of the prior regime that came before them.  We didn’t make it this long and this far by not all pulling in the same direction.  I feel like I led the charge, and rightfully so as the business owner, but it has truly been a team effort.  I have much to owe to my current team and those that have worked alongside me over the past 14 years!

Over 14 years, these core principles have remained the same but some things have definitely changed.  I started the practice as a solo doctor, two employees and seeing patients all hours of the day.  Prior to COVID at one time we had up to 9 team members and myself seeing patients with extended hours—often taking appointments until 9 pm.  Over the past 14 years we have had to expand and move to a new location while staying in the immediate area to serve the patient base conveniently, our technology and equipment has changed and been upgraded to continue to care for our patients in the most technologically advanced manner and our knowledge of how certain eye conditions that are related to the rest of the body has increased.  Just as I would expect a practice/business to change over 14 years my life has changed as well.  Now married since 2015 with two little ones Isaac (4) and Audrey (2), I have embarked on a new season of life.  

I remain committed to upholding the core principles set in place from the beginning while still being a devoted husband and “daddy” at home.  Things have certainly changed since 2007 when I was a “lone wolf” bachelor! While I am not going anywhere, I cannot stress that enough, my days in the office are now limited to three days a week for the personal reasons I mentioned.  My schedule in the office is devoted to my patients, my schedule at home is devoted to my family.  I am always available to be texted or emailed though! My commitment to the community will remain the same as well! My team will work diligently to schedule those that desire appointments with me.  Please be patient because we are still struggling to catch up due to limiting appointments because of the pandemic.  

As a result, I am very fortunate to be able to bring back one of our very own.  Dr. Thuria Younis was previously part of the team as one of my assistants.  She understands and is a firm believer in what we have as our core principles.  I couldn’t be more honored and pleased to have someone of her character and moral standard join the practice to help care for those patients that have trusted me over the years.  It is unfathomable how seamless this transition has been over the past two months since she has started seeing patients.  Dr. Younis was brought on board to help alleviate the strain on the schedule.  However, Dr. Younis is not a substitute, she is a great doctor in her own right with a great bedside manner—what you have come to expect from Gee Eye Care.  And while her schedule is starting to book out as well, her availability is more open than mine at this time.  I am confident that you will be just as pleased as I am when you meet and are cared for by her.  


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