“Where’s Warby?”

I have encountered a few patients lately that have purchased from Warby Parker. For those of you that are not familiar with Warby Parker, the company began years back as a convenient, cheap pair of mail order glasses. It was really one of the first online marketplaces for eyewear. Soon we would start to see others follow, Zenni Optical, Coastal, Glasses.com to name a few. Specifically, Warby Parker has continued to impress me.
{here’s a place marker for me to pause and explain that most any optical owner out there is gasping by that last statement. Fact is fact and I plan to outline that here. I am speaking specifically only to Warby Parker right now, as an optical owner}


I remember my first experience of stepping into a brick and mortar Warby Parker storefront four years ago. I felt like a traitor, a fish out of water, I left with some type of distaste for the brand. “How dare they? First online, now real salespeople to help you out—oh, the demise of the independent optical!” That was then, reflecting back, most of that sentiment was a result of the newness of these other outlets sprouting up everywhere and the “sky is falling” cry of the traditional optical world.


Hey, Warby, I can’t beat you on price, I don’t know how you do it. Your lenses are quite good as well. The styles you have are current, likable, I can’t dislike you for any of this. However, I believe there still exists a faction of society that still respects small businesses and exceptional customer service, keeping it local—so to say. I’ll take that. We’ll continue to welcome everyone but cater to those loyal to the small business. It’s really only being fair to those that have decided to spend a little bit more for that level of service. So the saying goes, “you get what you pay for,” we will continue to always provide you a copy of your prescription and if you need a measurement of your interpupillary distance (IPD) we will do that as well.
Beyond that, “Where’s Warby” when someone needs an adjustment, a nosepad replaced, or even a sanitation in our OpticWash? While we’ve been providing theses services complimentary as a form of customer service, now, all our services, these above as well as our no questions asked assurances on breakage and scratches will be reserved for those clients that purchase from our optical gallery.
Menu of Services for Spectacles NOT from Gee Eye Care*:
Plastic/Zyl Adjustment $10
Metal Adjustment $20
Rimless/Drill Mount Adjustment $40
Screw Replacement $15
Reattach a temple (arm) $15
Nylon suspension lens placement $30
Nylon suspension repair $50
Rimless/Drill Mount repair $80
OpticWash Sanitation $10
*these options are all a la carte
-For example: if a plastic frame has a detached temple and there is no screw, the cost will be $30 (for the screw and the labor to attach the temple). If additional adjustment is required a $10 service fee be assessed as well.
-We reserve the right to refuse repair of any pair of glasses not initially dispensed by Gee Eye Care.
-A waiver (dissolving responsibility from our optical staff for any permanent damage) for ALL repairs on glasses not initially dispensed by Gee Eye Care will also be required before any service is initiated.

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