Surprise, surprise, surprise!

Now, I know this might bring back some memories.  It’s been a little bit since I last entered a post.  There’s a good reason for it, lately, we’ve been all consumed with taking care of patients and on the side getting everything in line for our move into the new location.  I, my architect, my contractors have encountered a few surprises along the way.  That being said, we can’t wait for you to see the new space!

Surprise, if you had been following the progress of this project you probably noticed that we were flying along until mid-February.  Things came to a screeching halt then when we ran into the famous “Missouri City permitting process.”  The architect drew up the plans, they were signed off by the City and the contractor built according to the approved/signed drawings.  Still, they seemed to have changed their mind about something and we were at their mercy until they approved a new set of drawings–although we built according to their original approved drawings.

Surprise, we may actually open the location without our “Gee Eye Care” exterior sign.  Sienna Plantation approved our sign in a matter of days.  The City of Missouri City has still yet to approve it.  It was submitted at the end of March.  We’ll keep our fingers crossed!

Surprise!  We have a few for you, more pleasant ones once we open!  Stay tuned here or on Facebook ( and Twitter/Instagram (@GeeEyeCare).  I hope you all are as excited as we are!




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