“Do I have to???”

This is a common question that I have been asked throughout my entire 15 year career when it comes to dilating the pupil during my examinations.  I even created a link on our website long ago (Why Dilate My Eyes) and we have our after dark, late night appointments readily available for patients.  Although technologies like the OptoMap have been available as long as I’ve been in practice it does not suffice as a substitute to a dilated eye exam, it is even defined in Texas Optometry Board Law  (see (B.) the 4th line) as not even qualifying as part of a complete eye examination.  I have become aware that some practices in the area are saying otherwise and also charging additional for this testing.  I thought I would post an article from Review of Optometry.  This is “doctor talk” and I thought I would highlight a few things for you all to read.

Additionally, dilation of a child is usually one of the most accurate ways to determine their prescription to rule out an latent hyperopia (farsightedness) or over-focusing.  As always, I strive to take care of your eyes and ocular health in the most comprehensive way.

the-dilation-dilemma (Steen, J; Review of Optometry; June 2016)


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